Special Town Board Meeting held April 12, 2010 at 6:30 P.M. at the Town Hall in Schroon Lake N.Y.


Town Supervisor:       Cathy Moses

Councilpersons:         Roger Friedman, Clara Phibbs, Mark Whitney and Meg Wood

Town Clerk:               Patricia Savarie

Also Present:             See Attached

Resolution #112 Dispense with Reading of the Public Notice

Councilwoman Wood moved a resolution to dispense with the reading of the Public Notice, seconded by Councilman Friedman; carried.

Regarding the closure of roads, Supervisor Moses contacted the Association of Towns and Villages to make sure we are following procedures correctly. Supervisor Moses suggested that when the different organizations fill out a Facility Use Form and that they supply the Town of Schroon with the appropriate copy of their permits for closing the roads. The Organization must also advertise to the public that the road or roads will be closed on the day of the event.

Councilman Friedman stated that the Art & Craft Fair keeps Dock Street open to one way traffic and that the Adirondack Marathon also closes Leland and Dock Street.

RoseMarie Ritson stated that this year the Marathon Route has been changed and that Tyrrell Road and Severance Road would be closed also.



PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Town of Schroon will hold and conduct a Public Hearing at the Town of Schroon Town Hall located at 15 Leland Avenue, Schroon Lake, New York, on the 12th day of April, 2010, at 6:30 p.m. for the purpose of adopting regulations setting forth terms and conditions for the issuance of a Permit by the Town Superintendent of Highways/Commissioner of Public Works relative to the temporary blocking of a Town street, highway and road pursuant to Town Law Section 64(10-b). The road closures will occur on Dock Street for the July 4th Celebration held on July 3, 2010, Arts & Crafts Fair held on July 17, 2010; road closure of Main Street for the Street Dance on September 4, 2010; and the road closure of Route 9, Alder Meadow Road and Adirondack Road for the Adirondack Marathon on September 26, 2010.

All interested persons are invited to attend and give comment at such Public Hearing.

Supervisor Moses declared the Public Hearing closed at 6:40 P.M.

I, Patricia J. Savarie, do hereby certify the foregoing to be a true and correct transcript from the minutes now on file in my office and of the whole such original minutes.

Dated: April 13, 2010

Patricia J. Savarie - Town Clerk