Special Town Board Meeting held May 10, 2010 at 5:30 P.M. at the Town Hall in Schroon Lake N.Y.


Town Supervisor:       Cathy Moses

Councilpersons:          Roger Friedman, (Clara Phibbs excused ) Mark Whitney and Meg Wood

Town Clerk:                 Patricia Savarie

Also Present:               See Attached

New York State DEC regarding discussion on the Snowmobile Trails

Tom Martin, Regional Forester from Ray Brook and Tad Norton, Senior Forester from DEC Warrensburg stated they are working on revisions for Scaroon Manor snowmobile trails to connect Warren County and Essex County. It was suggested by Tad Norton to have the snowmobile trail follow up the Route 9 shoulder he will check with DOT. Tad stated that the Snowmobile Club would have to get written permission from all landowners for easements. Dwayne Anderson, President of the Schroon Lake Snowmobile Club, stated they could help with any trails that may need clearing or work to be done on them with volunteers from the Snowmobile Club. Tad stated that someone from DEC would have to be present with the volunteers and when it came time for that they would contact Dwayne, as long as there are no liability problems. The Scaroon Manor Plans will have to be amended before we can put the trail in, which takes about three months. They are hoping to start in the fall so they may be used this winter.

New York State DEC regarding the Horseshoe Pond Dam

The Horseshoe Pond Dam is 41 Acres with a depth of 30 feet. New York State owns the Dam with the Town of Schroon maintaining it. The Dam was erected in 1930 which is on New York State Forrest Preserve land and was a water supply for the Schroon Lake Water District. The Horseshoe Pond Dam is currently classified as a Class B- Intermediate Hazard dam. This means that if the dam failed there could be damage to isolated homes, main highways or other damage. The Town is required to operate and maintain the dam and all structures in a safe condition at all times. At this point there is much debris in the spillway that needs to be cleaned out and Tad stated this would only take a day or two by the Town to do. Dave Clark, the Water Department Supervisor, stated that he felt that there was a leak under the dam and would like DEC to check out the matter.

Requirements for the Emergency Dam are:

  1. Annual fee paid to NYS

  2. Maintenance of dam by DEC and the Town of Schroon pay DEC for it.

  3. Annual inspection by DEC and the Town of Schroon pay DEC for it.

Supervisor Moses stated to the Board that they have three things to consider:

  1. Do we want to use Horseshoe Pond Dam for an Emergency Dam.

  2. How much is it going to cost the Town of Schroon

  3. Do you want Dave Clark to go up with a crew to clean up the spill way and inspect to see if there are leaks in the dam.

The Board would like to move forward to have Horseshoe Pond Dam for an Emergency Water Supply. The Town will clean up the spillway and make sure there are no Public Safety Issues.

Councilman Whitney moved to adjourn at 6:28 P.M., seconded by Councilwoman Wood; carried.

I, Patricia J. Savarie, do hereby certify the foregoing to be a true and correct transcript from the minutes now on file in my office and of the whole such original minutes.


Dated: May 11, 2010

Patricia J. Savarie - Town Clerk