Adirondack Marathon and Half Marathon Course Map

The following map is best viewed at 1024x768 resolution on a 17" monitor.  For those with smaller monitors or lower resolutions click here to see a map more fitted to your screen.

In the map below the course is shown using different colors.        indicates a section of the course that is generally flat to down hill.         indicates a section that is generally up hill and        indicates a section that is generally flat. Note that there is an elevation graph here and here


The marathon race starts in the village of Schroon indicated at a point indicated by the red oval.  The half marathon starts near the village of Adirondack at a point indicated by the blue rounded rectangle.  Both races end in the village of Schroon Lake at the point indicated by the yellow oval.

Both races are run clockwise around the lake.

The location of water stations are shown on the map below marked by the black dots. 

The water stations are located at 2 mile intervals up to the 20 mile mark and at mile intervals from there to the end of the race.

There is also a more detailed map of the village start area showing start and finish locations, registration and packet pickup

sites and also some of the available public restrooms. Click here to see this.

For those of you who have Microsoft Word click here for a full page print version of the map. 

2004 Marathon Entrants    2004 Half Marathon Entrants


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